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Sidebar Ad Only

(no event listing)

$15.00 / day
Large Display Ad
  • Prominent sidebar ad (up to 300x250)
  • Displays repeatedly on the Vicksburg Post calendar as page is scrolled
Display Ad Benefits:
  • Reach a qualified local audience at the point of decision
  • Prominent visibility throughout page
  • Display custom image and message

Submit and Promote Event

as low as $15.00 / day
Event Listing
  • Event listed in online calendar
Promotion Options

After submitting event, select from options shown below

  • Enhanced (highlighted, add video)
  • Featured (highlighted, top of page listing, widget listing)
  • Premium (300x250 display ad plus featured event listing)
Featured Event Benefits:
  • Increase exposure 20x or more
  • Visibility in multiple prominent locations
  • Presence maintained on page


$25.00 /day
Header Placement
  • Prominent logo / ad placement
  • Stays visible on the Vicksburg Post calendar as page is scrolled
  • Sponsorship credit given (e.g. "This calendar is sponsored by... ")
  • Link to any URL
Widget Visiblity
  • Logo rotates in top slot of widgets on the Vicksburg Post site
Calendar Sponsor Benefits:
  • Constant calendar visiblity
  • Great brand-awareness building
  • Significant exposure throughout site
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